Creative and artistic translation

narrative, visual arts, cinema, music...

Throughout the years, my passion for literature, cinema,
photography and visual arts has brought me several joyous chances
to translate texts revolving around the world of art and creativity, such as:
- narrative texts (for ex. the novel Destino inatteso by Tom Avito 
or the collection of short stories
 Snäckors sorl by Karin Boye)
- movie script (for ex. the films Faccia Gialla and Accolla by Paolo Boriani)
- presentations of art and photography exhibitions
- art and design catalogs (for ex. the catalogs for Cambi Auction House)
- articles in the field of arts and photography, published on magazines of the sector
- essays and dissertations in humanistic subjects
- university lectures, conferences, workshops.
Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or propositions.
A good translation might be just what your art needs
to reach the rest of the world! 

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