Legal and Financial translation

Traduzione legale

Legal translation refers to the translation of any text
that is used within the legal, administrative or judicial system.

The translation of such texts in the language of the country of reference
is often necessary for regulatory or legislative reasons.
Among the documents it may be necessary to translate, we can mention:
- contracts and agreements
- legal advice and assessments
- subpoenas, acts, deeds, powers of attorney
- articles of association and relating acts
- codes of conduct
- sustainability reports
- patents and intellectual property rights documents
- cookies and privacy policies 

Economic and Financial Translation

Translation in the economic and financial field is often required
in a time of ever growing globalization and commercial exchanges.
If you collaborate or intend to collaborate with foreign partners,
a proper translation of all pertinent documents is a key element
in consolidating a clear and well-functioning economic relationship.
The documents that most often need to be translated are:
- annual reports, due diligence reports
- balance sheets
- business plans
- corporate statutes
- financial analysis documents, audits
- fiscal declarations
- minutes from board of directors meetings, general assemblies,...
- quality assurance manuals

Ethics and Confidentiality

In accordance with the Deontological code of conduct recognized by AITI and with its article 8 in particular, I undertake to maintain maximum confidentiality on the information and documents to which I gain access while exercising my profession, during and after the end of the professional relationship. All informations and documents will remain confidential and will not be disclosed or divulged to third parties unless requested by the client or with the client’s previous written consent.

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